Buying a Motorcycle Helmet

Buying a Motorcycle HelmetLearning about the importance of wearing safe motorcycle helmets when riding a bike, buying the right helmet must also be given utmost value since the life of a motorcycle rider may largely depend on the helmet that he will wear. To ensure that the motorcycle rider will have the protection he needs, there are some important factors that should be considered when buying the best motorcycle helmet.

The best motorcycle helmet that you will buy must have a certification by the Department of Transportation, also known as DOT. This certification is a guarantee that what you buy is the right helmet that meets the basic safety requirements. Since most motorcycle owners are not very knowledgeable about what safe motorcycle helmets should be, a DOT certification is a big help in guiding them.

Before buying the right helmet, do a simple roll off test. All you need to do is to wear the helmet and secure the straps. Then, grab the back lip of the helmet and try rolling it frontward off your head. If it hurts, it means the helmet will retain on your head. If the helmet comes off, do not buy it. A helmet that will come off your head during an accident will not be able to protect your head from serious head injury. Therefore, it is not the best motorcycle helmet for you to buy.

The retention of the right helmet will largely depend on the fit. The fit should be comfortable and the helmet should stay established. Try to feel if a full-face helmet is able to grip your cheeks, jaw, top and sides of your head. If your skin will move when you try to move the helmet, then you have a good fit. Safe motorcycle helmets must have a good fit.

Comfort is highly critical in choosing the best motorcycle helmet. Comfort is composite of the feel, the fit, the soundproofing, and the weight. Before choosing the right helmet, try wearing it for at least twenty-five minutes. Feel what are the areas that give you discomfort. Safe motorcycle helmets should not give you any discomfort, which may irritate you and make you to lose focus on the road while driving.

Full-face helmet with a chin bar is the best motorcycle helmet that can provide you with maximum protection. Another feature of safe motorcycle helmets is the face shield. However, in order to buy the right helmet with a face shield, check if the shield is easy to operate and if it stays in position when raised. Check also for any optical distortions that can be very dangerous when driving.

Other features that are beneficial in buying the best motorcycle helmet include: padded straps, vents, and a storage bag. Padded straps and vents can provide you comfort and the storage bag is advantageous in carrying the right helmet. The appearance of the helmet is more of a personal choice and will largely depend on the preferences of the person buying the helmet.

Most of the factors above will contribute to the cost of the best motorcycle helmet that you will buy. It is difficult to equate safety with price, but fortunately, there are numerous DOT-certified safe motorcycle helmets that are very affordable. After all, not all helmets that are expensive are necessarily the right helmet that gives you great protection.

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