Bicycle Helmets for Kids

Bicycle Helmets for KidsBuying a bicycle helmets for kids can be annoying because it prevents their hair from flipping against the wind – a cool feeling for them and it’s a little bit heavy and sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes parents let their kids get away with it. This is because they do not see the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. To know the risk of biking without a head gear, more than 700 bicycle riders are killed in the United States every year mostly due to car collisions and 75% of them die of head injuries. Those thousands others who are deemed lucky only suffered scrapes and broken bones while there are others who suffered debilitating injuries that are far more worse than the physical ones. If a biker didn’t die from a head injury, most likely, he or she will suffer other consequences like permanent personality changes, learning disabilities, concentration disabilities, balance problems and severe headaches – all of which can be avoided if only the biker’s head was protected.

Bicycle helmets can protect your child by reducing the risk of head injury by 85% and reducing the risk of brain injury by 88%. Wearing a bicycle helmet also prevents bicycle related deaths in children by 75%. Parents should require their children to wear their bicycle helmets every time they would hop on their bike even if it’s just a short ride. Accidents happen and it should not be risked. The US government requires bikers to wear helmets because of this risk and the big number of accidents and deaths. Due to this, they have created safety standards for bicycle helmets. The helmet you will buy should have a sticker that says it meets the standards by the Consumer Product Commission (CPSC). Outside the US, there are also standards stickers such as the European CEN standard or the Australian AUS standard.

Aside from picking a helmet with those standards, you should also carefully pick the right fit. Buying a helmet for kids that is too large or too small defeats its purpose as it won’t give 100% protection. Check the helmet if it has a pinch-proof buckles and make sure to try it on your kid. Adjust the straps and the pads and see if it’s firm. Also ask the child if it is comfortable so the child would love wearing it. Some helmet manufacturers placed retention systems at the back of the helmets to prevent it from pushing backwards and exposing the forehead and there are available locking clips on the side straps for greater fit and protection. Ask the store personnel from a reputable bicycle shop for more help.

Parents should also wear their own helmets not only for their own protection but also for their children. A study found that if parents wear their helmets, 98% of kids also wear helmets. The number drops to 30% if parents don’t so make sure to act as a role model to them.

Helmets could be bought around $15 up in discount stores and $30 up in bike shops. Again, take the time to ensure you get the best quality and fit. After getting back home with the new helmet, your child can personalize it better by putting designs and stickers. However, putting in reflective stickers is a plus as it makes the child more visible to drivers especially at night. A helmet should be replaced if you do fall down and the helmet has been put to the test since after a major crash, they don’t work as well as foams inside are crushed.

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