The Importance of Bicycle Helmets

Bicycle helmets are invaluable gears that anyone can use or wear when riding a bicycle. These helmets provide the necessary or much needed protection and safety in case of a fall or crash while riding a bicycle. A bicycle helmet can help save lives, which is why it is very essential to wear them each time anyone decides to take a bicycle ride.

Bicycle helmets are made to do one thing, which is to help provide safety and protection from head injuries, and likewise prevent a potentially fatal one. It is very essential to properly wear a bicycle helmet to fully achieve its benefits. These helmets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and colors that all serve a single purpose, which is to save lives. A bicycle helmet has proven time and time again to reduce or prevent serious head injuries and even death. According to statistics, most fatal injuries incurred among bicycle related accidents was that, the rider don’t have or were not wearing a bicycle helmet. Fatal bicycle falls or crashes always resulted with major injuries to the head, which a bicycle helmet generally protects. Unfortunately, there are still no Federal laws in requiring the use of a bicycle helmet.

Even though that a Federal law is still non-existent, bicycle helmet laws are being drafted and implemented among some states and cities. States like Florida, Alaska, Ohio, Hawaii Washington, New York, to name a few are now have bicycle helmet laws, which require all their citizens to wear bicycle helmets under a certain age limit (usually under 16 or 18 years old). These age limits varies from states to states, as these bicycle helmet laws are created to serve a single purpose, which is to safeguard their citizens from fatal injuries and save their lives in the process. And since the implementation of bicycle helmet laws, the number of bicycle related accidents and deaths considerably dropped by more than 50 percent.

Bicycling is a great sports or hobby. Likewise, to a lot of people, it is an excellent source of a good cardiovascular exercise or workout. However, bicycle riders should know that there’s more to safety than wearing bicycle helmets, especially to children or young adults. As much as possible, they should be well informed on the proper way to ride safely by wearing protective gears like knee and elbow pads and of course, good and reliable bicycle helmets. Parents should teach their children to ride only on bike lanes, if they are available and on comfortable terrains. They should be told on appropriate traffic rules and regulations. Likewise, they should pay great attention on the streets especially to traffic while riding their bikes. Bicycle helmets should immediately be replaced when they are worn out or get damage during a fall.

A bicycle helmet is definitely a life-saver and there’s no question about it. Although these helmets have the same functions or purposes, they also have many special types and designs for specific bike riding activities like for road biking, BMX biking, mountain biking, commuter biking, to name a few. Depending on your style or kind of bike riding, bicycle helmets are always there to protect and keep you safe.

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